Velenje, Slovenia

The Zaposlitveni Center GEA (Job Center GEA) is a special model of social entrepreneurship that employs people with disabilities. The mission is to provide healthy food for the community by combining the latest knowledge in the fields of nutritional science, biology and cognitive science. This serves as the basis for a "learning community" and for education in the field of nutrition and general health.

Our unique model and integrated approach is based on both integration and education, especially in

- knowledge, based on the latest discoveries in cooking, gastronomy and biology

- constant commitment to ethics and ethical behavior

- adding value to the community

- be a good example for social entrepreneurship

- integration of vulnerable groups into employment along with people with disabilities - cooperation with carefully selected providers

- promotion of local self-sufficiency

The training program is a success and we also have an internal 'ideas department', which manages the proposals of our employees and customers

At GEA, we follow the structure of the European Quality Assurance in Social Services EQUASS. Our parent company INTEGRA has been awarded in 2013 as the first Slovenian institute of social counselling with the EQUASS certificate. This quality certificate is customized for the social sector and offers a comprehensive approach based on quality criteria and key performance indicators, using a questionnaire for self-assessment, internal audit and external audit procedures.

Contact person: Sonja Bercko Eisenreich

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Vienna, Austria

WIN focuses on the interdisciplinary approach at  personal and vocational coaching and counselling. For more than ten years, our team of experienced and qualified counsellors, coaches and trainers has been collaborating with European social and psychological institutions, education providers, labour market organisations,and other transnational project coordinators .

We are specialised in the following themes:

  • Training of social competences
  • Team development & balance of competences
  • Key competences
  • Psychology and mental health
  • Diversity & gender
  • Train the trainer programmes
  • European integration
  • Labour market

Our know-how in design and elaboration of training and qualification measures and of European collaboration projects takes into account the respective special living and working situation of our clients and of their intercultural situation  in their  countries.

Our creativity for a new and innovative approach will has served as key factor for successful work in the Lifelong Learning Programme, and also in the  ERASMUS+ Programme 2014-2020.

Contact person: Wolfgang Eisenreich

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QUALED QUALIFICATION AND EDUCATION                                                   

When you merge two words – QUALification and EDucation – you get what we are and what we focus on. QUALED is a non-profit organisation working in the field of adult education. Our team focuses especially on the development, adaptation and innovation of creative and innovative educational products, methods and seminars for adults. Since 2008,

QUALED has been involved as a didactic expert in many educational projects that offer didactic and methodological knowledge in the form of pedagogical advice, presentations and seminars. QUALED has actively participated in the development of innovative training tools in both vocational training and adult education, it has also developed training materials aimed at personal skills, as well as marketing and entrepreneurship.

The key competence of QUALED lies in the ability to carry out a detailed analysis of needs, define the most appropriate tools for each target group and adjust the use and the methodology of innovative didactics, both to the needs of the students and to politics within our educational institution. QUALED's approach is based on the method of holistic advice influenced by constructivist and narrative approaches.

Contact person: Jana Butekova

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GREEK UNIVERSITIES NETWORK - GUNET                               

The non-profit civil company called “ACADEMIC NETWORK” (GUnet) was founded in September 12th 2000. GUnet has its central office in Athens and its members are all the Higher Education and Academic Institutions (20 Universities and 16 TEI). The aims of the company are determined by the broadband network needs and objectives of the Greek academic community in the framework of Information Society aiming at servicing research and education. More specifically, some of the company’s aims are the following:

  • The development, support and management of the academic network of all Universities and ATEI of the country
  • The coordination in diffusion and promotion as well as the development of advanced network services and applications in the broad academic and research community of the country and via this the general improvement of the education and research processes
  • The provision of network services to its members and third parties (institutes, foundations) whose activities aim at servicing research and education
  • The participation in developmental, educational and research programs with regard to network technologies, services and applications aiming at the maintenance of the academic network at the peak of technology
  • The development of collaborations with respective academic, research, educational networks of other countries

GUnet provides e-learning services to its members (all Greek universities and TEI) and to its project partners through its e-learning and Multimedia Centre (, and the learning management systems Open e-Class ( and OpenDelos ( Since 2012, GUnet coordinates the development of free software and open educational resources.

Contact person: Pantelis Balaouras

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Senior University of Évora (USE) is a private, non-profit association that develops non-formal education and activities for people over 50. We are located in Évora, Portugal, a city of 55,000 inhabitants located in the southern interior of Portugal, in an area

identified as having the highest percentage of older people. This association was created in 2005 with the aim of doing something to improve the lifestyle of the older population. The main objectives of our institution are to promote the

active ageing; developing intergenerational relationships; informing and sensitising older people on different issues; conducting training and education sessions; and promoting volunteering in and for the community.

We have 420 senior students in regular activities and 50 volunteer teachers. Our activities are diversified from ICT, to the arts, to mother tongues and foreign languages, literature, history art, psychology, gardening, natural sciences, gymnastics, hiking, dance, and

painting, cooking, health, embroidery, music, etc. In addition to this, complementary activities are offered, such as cultural activities (music and theatre) and intergenerational relationships are privileged, which are not accessory but complete the knowledge and experience of

this population today and in society.

One of our concerns is to ensure the sustainability of the institution, so we are developing several European and national projects within topics such as road safety, education and learning, non-formal education, consumption, crisis, ICT, etc.

We have been working in European cooperation since 2006, which It offers the elderly the possibility of exchanging with other institutions, countries and cultures, traditions and languages.

Contact person: María Florindo

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Turku University of Applied Sciences is an inspiring community of 10,000 members, an innovative and multidisciplinary higher education institution, which creates competitiveness and welfare for Southwest Finland.

Studies at TUAS are oriented towards working life, combining theoretical studies with professional skills. At the centre of our teaching is the "Innovation Pedagogy" (#Innopeda), a new learning approach developed at TUAS. It is based on experimentation, the exchange of knowledge and the combination of different approaches. With Innopeda we connect teaching, research and development, internationality and cooperation with the working life.

TUAS offers a unique Southwest Finland Experience. We provide flexible and high quality training and consulting services for both individuals and organisations in the public and private sector. Also its training offer allows to update knowledge and skills at the TUAS Open University of Applied Sciences.

In the field of applied research, the Turku University of Applied Sciences represents the highest level in the country. TUAS coordinates or acts as a partner in more than 200 I+D+I projects by year.

Contact person: Lindholm Marju

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Malaga, Spain

The UMA has been one of the main academic institutions in Spain since its creation in 1972. The UMA has bilateral agreements with hundreds of universities around the world and participates in as many international research programmes, allowing it to offer a wide range of services, including academic and professional consultancy.

The UMA stimulates innovation and educational research, enhancing the quality of its professors and research groups through their participation in international research projects - managed by the OTRI (Office for Transfer of Research Results) - with the support and sponsorship of companies from the local Technology Park (PTA). The university has a dedicated career centre that promotes the employability of students and young researchers by offering a wide portfolio of services including academic/professional advice, paid internships/internships, etc. UMA complies with the following quality standards: EFQM 200, EFQM 300, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, etc. UMA also forms part of the Campus of Excellence "Andalucia Tech".

The educational programme of the University of Málaga includes a Programme for the Elderly aimed at people over 55 years of age. The Aula de Mayores+55 is an initiative for the integration of older people into the university that offers a special programme in which students can attend activities of different

types: Health, ICT, English, Humanities, Sciences or Sports Activities, among others. Opened in 1994, there are more than 1200 students in the 2018/2019 academic year. It is a member of AEPUM (State Association of University Programmes for the Elderly).​

Contact person: José Jesús Delgado Peña

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