Older people in the European Union will make up a third of the total population in just over a decade. They are a group of people who aspire to continue contributing with their personal and professional experience to the construction of an inclusive society, actively ageing but who require the necessary skills to live fully in the information society.

Their conditions, experience and social links make them particularly suitable for initiating or maintaining social entrepreneurship projects that articulate communities, take advantage of the experience of the group and actively commit them to the future of societies.

Thus, the general objective of the SSE project is to raise awareness of the benefits of social entrepreneurship for older people, particularly for women, since the economic participation rate is almost half that of men in the EU.

The specific objectives are:

- To raise awareness of the importance of social enterprises and to motivate older people to take up this path

- to develop a resource pack on social entrepreneurship of older people

- Designing interactive online training courses for training

This project involves communities, adult education trainers, human resources organisations and the older people who are motivated to contribute their experience and act as mentors. The partner organisations have extensive experience in social research and as training providers and will implement this project in the period 2019-2021.